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Why Calibrate?

Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses have been set up as accurately as possible during assembly but will always vary in their calibration due to the manufacturing, handling and transport process.

Regardless of how carefully we handle these precision pieces of hardware over time a knock here and a knock there will reduce the focus sharpness of our optical investment.

Shooting wide open with shallow depths of field is where the variations are most noticable. Ever looked at an image on the editing screen to find the eye you know you focussed on looking a little soft? It's time to turn your good lens into a great lens.

Consistant, accurate and reliable focus is a must for anyone who takes their photography seriously, whether hobbyist or professional.

Whatever your choice of subject the moment may never offer itself again, so make sure you capture it with perfect focus.

Above is an example of a before and after from an 85mm f1.8 Canon lens mounted on a Canon 6D. The centre target is approx the size of a 10p piece shot from approx 2.4 metres away. The image shown is a close up crop.

Our customer reports a 'vast improvement in image quality' when using the lens on a recent portrait shoot.


Why Choose Photo 74?


We're Focussed on Service

  • We know you want your kit back as soon as possible so we aim to turn it around as quickly as we can, but we never rush a job as we don't believe in compromising on quality.

  • Drop your gear to us on Monday, and we guarantee it's ready for collection on Wednesday, drop off Tuesday and collect Thursday, well you get the idea!

  • Need an express turnaround? Drop us a line as we may be able to accommodate, or book a same day calibration for a future date when you know you're free.

  • We provide a full set of downloadable reports with each calibration, confirming that we've carried out the calibration procedure and giving our customers an insight into their equipment's performance.

  • Photo 74 can accommodate the largest of telephoto lenses, even with a teleconverter. We only calibrate indoors to ensure your equipment is safe from harm, remains clean and can be calibrated in controlled and consistent lighting conditions to ensure the best calibration for your kit.

  • We'll give the externals a clean as well. We only use the very best cleaning products, Zeiss lens wipes for the glass, and an ecological, all natural cleaning product for the lens and camera bodies, so absolutely no harsh chemicals. So not only is your lens sharp, it's shiny too!

  • Once we carry out a calibration, your camera body remains registered with us for 12 months from the calibration date. Meaning that should you add to your lens collection during this time we'll calibrate that lens to the body or bodies for just £15 per lens per camera.

  • There's also free pick up and drop off in the Milton Keynes area, we'll come to you, pack your kit into a protective case, and deliver it back to you in two days time. But if you prefer to drop the kit of yourself then we have two drop of points in Milton Keynes. Saracen House Studio in Old Stratford, and Monkston Park just off junction 13/14 on the M1. You're also welcome to use your own courier.



What Cameras are Supported?

Currently we offer calibration services on

Canon & Nikon cameras



Simple, straight forward pricing. No complicated bundles, just pay for what you need.

Prices start from just £110 for 1 body and 1 lens. Additional lenses can be added for £15.00 each, and additional bodies added for £95 each





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