Dust on your sensor is almost unavoidable during the normal use of your camera. It can ruin a shot or mean that you spend more time in front of a PC editing those dust spots out.

At Photo 74 we can clean your crop or full frame sensor whilst we have your kit in for calibration.

We only use top quality cleaning materials in a custom designed and made dust free cleaning chamber.


Before we start the clean we use the latest in dust analysis software to determine which method of cleaning is right for your camera. Once the sensor has been cleaned we run the test again to ensure all that dust is history. And to show the difference we'll also provide before and after reports.

So next time your camera equipment is in for a calibration why not book a sensor clean as well? Not only will your camera and lenses be as sharp as possible, but dust free as well for the perfect image.

Crop or Full Frame Sensor
When booked with
a calibration